Welcome all to the US Oil and Gas Investors website, a place where we can pool our collective knowledge and discuss all aspects of USOPs undertakings as and when they occur.

This site was set up to provide a bridge between two basic functions which I hope everyone will take advantage:

  • A website for everything USOP related to be documented - including mentions of USOPs in NDOM reports, Applications to Drill, Presentations etc.
  • A forum for free speech and open discussions regarding USOPs past, current and future undertakings.

If you have any suggestions for the forum or website then please get in contact with me at luke [at] usopinvestors.info or post it on our forum!

Update - Interactive Map now has Eblana 1 Location, 3D Prospects, Major Oil Leases, Chainman Oil Leases and some Bissell Exploration leases, more to come along with some data.

My wishlist for this website:

  • Interactive map displaying all oil & gas wells, field outlines and licences in Hot Creek Valley and Railroad Valley.
  • Interview / Q&A with Brian McDonnell (A man can dream!?)
  • Full Introduction to O&G so that new investors can fully understand terminology.

Update: Request for documents

I am still populating the website with information as and when I come across it/remember it. If anybody has any piece of information regarding USOP that they would like to share then please get in contact with me at luke [at] usopinvestors.info or post it on our forum!

Legal Disclaimer

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